Blackwater - Kicking it with the band

I recently had the good luck of being invited to exercise my fledgeling photography skills to do a promo shoot for the exciting new Australian band Blackwater.  I was travelling through Adelaide, South Australia visiting family when I got the offer, and not being one to knock back opportunity if it presents itself  I simply couldn't refuse.

Obviously I was nervous about getting it right, but the chance to be involved working with talented people is always a driving factor with me.  It was pure fortune that the bands lead guitarist Bam Morris had seen some of my video work with the HighRPM show that linked back to some amateur ( at the risk of humbling myself too much I can't stress the word amateur enough here ) photography I had archived.  Lady luck smiles on me all too kindly some days, they liked my work and attitude enough to ask me if I'd do a small shoot with them.

Blackwater's History

Blackwater is a three piece hard rock/metal band, with Ben Baumann on vocals and bass guitar, Bam Morris on lead guitar and Trav Emms on drums. Blackwater was formed in mid 2008 when a chance meeting between Bam and Trav led to the three friends reuniting. With Trav and Ben still playing on a regular basis, the school mates were keen to get together and jam on songs that Bam had written. After a couple of rehearsals it was decided that new material should be written to encompass the influences of the whole group. The resulting sound was a mix of modern hard rock, big metal riffs, melodic vocals and punchy, groove based rhythms.

Much of the next two years were spent writing material while the band tightened it's sound in the rehearsal room. Ben took on the role of lead vocals with Bam covering back-up vocal duties. Blackwater's first gig was at one of Adelaide's most well known live music venues, the Crown and Anchor on the 24th of June 2010. Taking to the stage in support of fellow Adelaide band Quaero Verum, the Blackwater boys gave an awesome performance, showing that the long time spent on preparation was well worth it.

Since then, Blackwater has played many shows alongside Quaero Verum and other bands including Loaded Billy, Sirius, Another Day Another Tragedy, A Black Picture and Texas Embrace Them.

Growing Influence

With their fan base starting to grow globally the band has had to take a serious look at marketing to a wider audience.  They have also reportedly been approached with music licencing requests for use on shows such as Darwin's HighRPM motorsports channel.

Blackwater takes time out to pose with me in Adelaide, August 2010.
L to R - Bam Morris, Auki Henry, Trav Emms, Ben Baumann
Image courtesy of photographer Katie Abraham.

With their planned singles release of 'Cut Down' coming soon and an eventual album release I am hoping they might be able to utilise a skillset I feel more confident with, that of making videos.  Although music vids would be a completely new genre for me, I am confident I have the creative edge needed to make that jump, especially with such great music material to work with!

Visit them at the Official Blackwater page



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