The Perfect Pushup | Comes Aukiman Recommended

Now its not often I will go out of my way to publicly recommend a home fitness item, to be perfectly honest a lot of them are false representations and make far fetched claims about extraordinary gains for limited effort, basic human physiology dictates this isn't how it works.

 A lot of people see the toned bodies and chiseled abs of the male and female TV models using advertised fitness products and get distracted by the eye candy blasting their abs or thighs or whatever the product is saying it does and then spend their money on an item that don't work as advertised, and which inevitably will eventually be sidelined in the closet somewhere and perhaps sold later at a lawn sale.

The truth of the matter is that those TV models already had that physique from hard work and training to begin with, long before they picked up that 'home fitness' item for the camera's.

I am pleased to say though that I have found an exception to the false claim rule in the Perfect Pushup, this astonishingly simple concept is a spin on the classic pushup exercise, quite literally. The rotation of the arms while performing the perfect pushup adds an extra dimension of exercise to the arms, chest and even lateral areas.

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Most of all, this has got to be one of the most inexpensive, portable pieces of equipment I have ever had in my arsenal of fitness products. I can't recommend this item enough to family and friends, and when people approach me to work out a training program for them this is one of the first items on my checklist for them to get.

Its as easy as sticking to the 21 day program the manufacturer includes with the product and you notice results in strength and firmness fast!


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