Farewell to Racing at Hidden Valley, at least for 2010

I was recently asked by the HighRPM producers to present a small feature for their motorsports show on the 2010 wrap-up to the racing season.

 Along with friend and fellow presenter Tamika Barnett (who I have now had the chance to work on a few projects with) we compiled the latest report, dedicated to showcasing what the Hidden Valley Drag Strip culture in Darwin is all about - safe relaxed, fun racing.

The upgrades to the track are due to be completed in time for the 2011 season and should not only bring a new level of competition to the region but will also make the exciting prospect of ANDRA pro series events to the northernmost part of Australia a reality.

In a media role the perks usually tend to include being able to get access to people who are identities in their particular sports and this time we were fortunate enough to be able to chat to big names like National ANDRA Pro Series competitor Matt Abel and Nigel Benson driver/owner of the popular Aussie Bandit Exhibition Wheelstander.

During the course of the first year running with the HighRPM team we have also met a lot talented musicians who are keen to work with us on production tracks. It was a meeting with Australia's latest rising stars of hard rock/metal Blackwater during a trip to South Australia this winter that scored us the rights to use some of their music for this compilation.

Watch the HighRPM featurette below. Presented by Auki Henry, Tamika Barnett, Christine Watts and Ed Forman.



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