A Darwin Sunset with Canon's EOS 7D

Sunset at Nightcliff Jetty - 9th Nov 2010 
Canon EOS 7D / 10-22mm EF-S Lens
Well here's a complete change in thought process for me over the space of just a few weeks; Not long ago I found myself in the market for a DSLR, and not for photography - as strange as that may sound to many people.

I chose a Canon 7D because of the amazing video quality and variable frame rates available to me.  I shoot plenty of video, both for my own projects as well as for a couple of web-tv projects I work on.

Wanting to make the transition to shooting quality music videos with local bands has introduced me to the new world of DSLR movie making.

However I digress.  Sooner rather than later the inevitable happens when I have a decent bit of kit lying around the place; I play with it.  Although more comfortable shooting video I was curious enough to try to pick up a few tips on using the new camera for its intended originally intended purpose - photography.  I have plenty of friends in this field so I was not short on good pointers.

Previous to owning a DSLR I had only ever found use for a point and shoot, while it's true I had a reasonable working knowledge of shot composition (from my video work) which I used when taking pictures with a point and shoot - I didn't fully appreciate the different effect you get from alternate focal lengths when using "proper" lenses - till now that is.

Whilst I am a long way from perfecting the skill of DSLR photography I find some of the photos I manage to get are motivation enough to keep me wanting to practice more.  I have to admit, it's a really nice change of pace, no rushing to get action when it happens or re-shoot due to sound problems, wardrobe problems etc.  I can go somewhere, take my time setting up a shot, sit in a chair, enjoy myself and take in my surroundings.

I reckon the 7D has paid for itself just in terms of therapeutic benefits and relaxation!

- Auki Henry



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