Xtreme Merchadising | Another adventure in custom graphics.

The requests seem to be coming in quickly lately.  The people over at Universal Xtreme asked me to do the artwork for their merchandise range, the brief was to design a gaming inspired logo for their team which would be used on the cafepress service to produce a whole range of merchandise that could be bought reasonably cheaply.

The logo needed to look good on a number of products, both dark and light and it needed to reflect the teams "tags" [UX] that are their recogniseable brand online.

As chance would have it I have been right in the middle of a rebuild of my computer, so I opted not to use 3D studio Max for solids as I traditionally would have, instead this time the work was done entirely in Photoshop, which was easier and faster in the long run.

I have worked with Universal Xtreme many times before, the team used to comprise mostly of game server administrators who used to run official medium-sized online gaming platforms for a number of Australian ISP's.  Now they are a relaxed bunch who enjoy the gaming scene casually rather than having it consume all of their time.

I have found designing for gaming groups over the years to be the most fun, they expect flashy and slightly abstract designs from experience and are appreciative and willing to spread the word about your work.  Unlike some commercial jobs I have taken on which virtually kill the soul when it comes to compromising your own creative ideas.

True, I make very little on the former, whilst the latter can pull in a couple of hundred dollars an hour, but in the end my sanity really enjoys the break and the opportunity to let loose once in a while, not to mention the rewards of seeing people genuinely enjoy and appreciate your work.

Universal Xtreme Apparel Designs by Auki Henry

Universal Xtreme Merchandise Designs by Auki Henry



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