NT Photographers on Google+

With the recent July 6th opening 'by invite' to Google's new Google+ platform the world response has been phenomenal with reportedly 18 million users already at the time of this article being published. The clean, fast interface and superior ability to control who sees what content has been appealing to many different types of user, whether for socialising, marketing or collaborating.

 Photographers who were used to facebook as a distribution and marketing medium in the past are now seeing definite advantages with "G+"in the form of better web filename SEO and freedom from facebooks poor picture compression algorithms.

I am compiling a list of talented photographers from the Northern Territory who are now starting to take advantage of Googleplus and its amazing features.

Follow G+ Photographers here in the NT !

Mark Hamilton -
Darwin's best known glamour photographer and one of the most recognised faces in the industry.  Although he specialises in glamour he is know for excelling in many different genres.

Martin Eadie -
Well known for his extensive work in the field of both civilian and military aviation, Martin has also branched out into other fields including glamour and action motorsports.

William Nguyen-Phuoc -
An accomplished landscape and wildlife photographer, William's amazing work around the territory has earned him widespread recognition.  Has recently been involved in commericial and aviation projects.

Auki Henry -
Then there's me. Relatively new on the photography scene, better known for my work in front of the lens as presenter on HighRPM I have been lucky to have mentoring in photography by some of the Territory's finest, Will shoot a variety of genres but I have found a niche for people photography!


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