Community Spirit & Australian Motorsports

Auki ™ & Auki Henry Photography © 2011
The heart of the action.  The Australian motorsports family
is an enthusiastic and helpful community.
Through my involvement with the team at HighRPM Australia I have had ever increasing exposure to some  big names in the motorsports scene, not only in terms of teams and drivers, but to the various media groups that cover motorsports such as magazines, production centres and TV channels that carry the various genre of sports.

So far one thing I noticed above other aspects without fail so far is the abundance of help that has been available to anyone willing to pitch in and get involved with motorsports.

HighRPM's missions has been to bring about a public awareness of the fantastic motor sports we have to offer in the Northern Territory, it was born from the need to try to balance out the disproportionate media representation of the various football codes against all other sports, almost to the point where top ranking teams and riders/drivers move their vehicles and bikes to southern states for competition as more recognition and support is received.

It would seem this imbalance in sports coverage would be a hard tide to turn against at first glance, but the various organisations we have worked with over the last seasons of operation have provided so much enthusiastic support, guidance and prime access to their events that it has been comparatively easy to start spreading the word.  It doesn't stop there, the big southern stations that cover national action have from time to time swapped material and information with us to help us achieve our goals.  One such event that comes to mind was an advertising brief we accepted from Darwin's Hidden Valley Drag Strip to create a 30 second TV spot for the launch of their new ANDRA Pro Series capable strip.  With lack of local footage of top doorslammer events we asked a favour interstate for footage specifically for a one-off campaign.  The response was immediate and generous with permission granted to freely use for the single event project ( at which we could obtain our own footage and possibly return the favour ).

Below is the 30 sec advert I completed which will be appearing on local channel 7Mate this month.


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