Who is Jerry ? - the 199-Jerry Question

Auki asks Who is Jerry ?

These are all keyword searches we have uncovered this month from people panicked about 'somone' called Jerry who knows too much apparently. But the reality is somewhat more of a giggle.

199 Jerry is the latest texting phenomenon, an SMS service craze simlar to information text service Bongo.  How does Bongo work? - according to their FAQ "thanks to a number of intelligent human researchers and a very sophisticated software application with a huge database".

With the ever expanding use of social media services and shared personal information publicly available nowadays, society tends to forget that personal information is; in fact, not personal anymore once you have entered it in somewhere.  It lives electronically potentially into perpetuity.

Whilst some of us are able to have a laugh and know that it is in fact just intended as a bit of fun, I can't help but noticed cases where people are dismayed or frightened by some of the information they receive from the 199Jerry "Trivia Service".

However, before anyone gets indignant about the answers "Jerry" gives them and feels the need to take action, the terms and conditions for using this service are laid out in their privacy policy and their terms documentation.


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