The Original Electric Goat Mousepad | "Geek" Your Heart Out

Many people who are familiar with my media roles in front of the camera are usually surprised that I am reasonably competent behind it as well,  most people are even more surprised to find out that I have been moonlighting on and off in the freelance design industry for a few years now as the odd creative burst hits me, mostly when time allows.

It only recently struck me as odd that I had never actually bothered to try my hand at merchandising some sort of simple product range like a clothing label or similar.

As the result of a mild shock from a cheap badly wired ebay external HDD powersupply, an over abundance of  filter coffee and a penchant for weird names I envisoned a desperately random but sufficiently unique idea for a streetwear range and was lucky enough to score the lapsing domain name of to help market it.

A good designer friend of mine, Brooke Ottley, just happened to have shown me the finishing touches to one of her pieces that she was uploading to the online service 'Cafe Press' which gave me the momentum to get off my ass and do it myself!

So here's me bringing you the first official range of Electric Goat products which you can buy direct from the Cafe Press store online @ :

- Auki


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