The Health Hunters

"How far would you go in the name of health?" asks the intriguing question on the facebook fan page of The Health Hunters crew.

One could be forgiven for not knowing where to start the soul-searching, but while you ponder just how far you might be willing to search make sure to watch as the crew give you some ideas you may well be hearing about for the very first time!

I recommend you keep a sharp lookout for this exciting new TV show which is coming soon, I got news of this concept via a chance meeting with a member of their development team and I have to say this is TV that promises to be fresh and original as well as entertaining.

On the show we join the presenters Chad and Shy on their global quest to discover unusual and bizarre therapies and remedies from age old cultures around the world. The concept video shows just a tiny snippet of what the show will be like . . .

"Shy is a holistic nutritionist with an enquiring mind and a zest for the quest. Chad is her adventurous sidekick we call him 'the guinea pig' . . . "

Both our presenters seem to have exactly what it takes to make the show a hit, from the fresh energy and radiance of Shy to the adventurous 'try anything' attitude of Chad (I can already see we are going to get some hilarious moments out of Chad) but besides their obvious on-screen charisma I have been told by the crew that they are both down to earth easy going characters in real life and just plain fun to be with, which is perhaps the attribute that makes their role and rapport with each other look so natural and most importantly perhaps, fun!

The Health Hunters project buzz has started and they have a fan page on Facebook already, please show your support and get in there early, click the banner below and become a fan! Personally I can't wait for the show to air in Australia, this one definitely has the two thumbs up from Aukiman!


Video | The Health Hunters Teaser


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