Swing It

"Falling In Love to a 6-Beat Rhythm"

Australian based independent film producer Quito Washington is now in the post production stages of his latest feature film "Swing It". After a gruelling schedule of shooting on location and travelling we were able to briefly catch up with him during a moment of rest to find out where he is at with his latest creation.

We understand you have just returned from Sydney recently for film related business?

Quito: Yes this weekend was good. Met with the people at AtLabs to discuss the color correction of my films and generally making the visuals look sweeter, I could try and do it myself, but you know, the reason that I gave them was that they could do it better, and faster, than me trying to do it, really would be a pointless exercise because they would know the limits of what could be done.

So what stage of post production has this brought you to?

Quito: where are we at with it? Well, the best way to say is "on track", as promised the film is visually done - watched it on a big screen and honestly, it changed the way you view the film. Watching it on a TV screen, any TV screen, is still just "a TV screen" I've never appreciated John Goodman, one day I may use him in a film, but at the moment, he does nothing for me, seems to play the same role every time. So I watched my film on a big canvas screen and it was just magic, I think everyone should take the time to watch the movie they love on a big canvas screen, push it up to wall size but not plasma or LCD, a serious canvas sheet.

And continuing where is this taking you to eventually?

Quito: So from here, the colour correction, the trailer, and then the DVD will be "ready", then we begin our film festival strategy to raise awareness of the film, attract distributors, travel a bit with the film through our best markets, Asia and India so this should be hitting shelves in about 18 months when all is said and done.


PRODUCER - Short Films
1998 Son of a Preacher Man screened at CSUSM film festival night
1999 A Girl A Train and A Pager (short film, various film festivals)
1999 Vampire’s Kiss (short film, various film festivals)
2000 Midnight in front of the Fridge (short film, various film festivals)
2001 A Murder Most Successful (short film, various film festivals)
2002 The Cockroach animation screened at Darwin’s Fist Full of Films
2002 Moments Before the Bus (short film, various film festivals)
2003 Self-Satisfaction screened at Coff’s Harbour Cool Bananas Festival
2003 171 entrant to Brisbane Short Film Festival
2003 Caught winner of International Prize at Independent Filmmakers Coalition of Kansas City
2003 Lara Croft: Destination Australia
2003 1-800-Call-Bill screened at Darwin’s Fist Full of Films
2003 She Thinks He Thinks entrant into Darwin’s Fist Full of Films
2003 Disappear
2004 Corner of the Earth screened at the Down Under International Film Festival
2004 The House
2004 Suffer Kate: episodes 1-7
2004 Regret entrant into Darwin’s Fist Full of Films
2005 Reason 2 Kill screened in Sydney, Darwin, Los Angeles, and New York City
currently in distribution negotiations.
2005 (I Was) Waiting For You To Notice winner best Northern Territory film at the Down Under International Film Festival
2005 Top 100 finalist in Project Greenlight Australia for "Always A Bridesmaid" feature length script (which was subsequently filmed as an independent feature length production)
2006 Top 50 finalist in Project Greenlight Australia for “Earthbound”.

Producer - Full Length Films
2004 Always A Bridesmaid produced (Full Length Film)
2005 Reason 2 Kill produced (Full Length Film)
2008 My Last Night in Singapore in festival rotation (Full Length Film)


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