To be an Australian soldier . . .

My Opinion
The chance to spend some time giving back to the country that you love and call home is a powerful calling for many.
The long traditions and history of the military make it an ideal setting to learn concepts of respect and co-operation that seem sadly to be lacking in today’s western societies.

For me there has been no greater honour than to earn the right to wear the uniform of my country.

Soldiers from various countries will of course have different reasons for their patriotic attachment and different viewpoints about what makes them proud to serve their nation. Mine happens to be the Anzac spirit, the legend that helped to forge Australia’s national identity as it is today.

The Anzac Legend lives on in the soul of this country that I call home. It is invoked in the spirit of the Australian population during times of hardships and natural disaster when we come together, we unselfishly support or provide help to those in need, not just for Australia but for others around the world in times of need.

I think what sums it up best is already written on a small piece of paper pinned next to the computer I am writing this on. An army pamphlet with a message true to the heart of most digger’s I have ever worked with.

  • I’m proud to share traditions built on the foundation of the Anzac legend.
  • I’m proud to build on the heritage of service, mateship and sacrifice of previous generations.
  • I’m proud to serve the Australian people by securing their future.
  • I’m proud to secure peace and safety for the people of other countries when they need help


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