Ron Douglas on KFC's Original Recipe Secret

Ron Douglas is the man who has devoted his time to discovering the recipe secrets of famous world wide chain restaurants perhaps most famously the closely guarded secret of KFC's Original Recipe Chicken 11 herbs and spices which he has been trying to recreate for years.

His website was founded in 2003 and has attracted such a large following that he reportedly quit his position as finance manager at JP Morgan two years ago to pursue his culinary passions. He also hires part time chefs to help reverse engineer a host of other famous and popular recipes

Douglas has revealed that a key to KFC's secret recipe could be the generous use of 'Accent', a brand of MSG. He has admitted that even with his recipe a home chef hoping to recreate the KFC trademark chicken probably wouldnt be able to without the commercial pressure fryers the restaurant chain uses.

The title of the new book which contains the copycat KFC recipe is "America's Most Wanted Recipes "


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